Updates – August 24, 2016


Greatify was updated this morning. Here are the main enhancements:

  • Administrators can export (to an Excel file) all actions during a specific period of time for a group.
  • Managers can include a web page address in an announcement (optional).
  • Simple badges can be chosen as a reward using Collective incentives.
  • In the Prizes to be given list, sorting is available on the Name and Date columns.
  • The group selector has been improved.
  • The filter mechanism (in the PeopleIncentives, and Badges lists) has also been improved.
  • When awarding a honorary badge, a reason can be entered (optional).
  • Chrome, Firefox and Safari users have now access to notifications when a new incentive is available, a winner is announced, or a message from a manager is sent. Notifications are displayed even if the Greatify window is in the background.