» Free eBook – Improve your employees’ engagement and your performance


Free eBook – Improve your employees’ engagement and your performance

Unlock the secrets to how increasing employee motivation can be your organization’s secret weapon to better performance and decreased HR issues


  • The principal causes of employee disengagement and the impact it has on your company’s top and bottom lines
  • What is true employee motivation and engagement?
  • The advantages and best practices for employee motivation and recognition
  • How to create effective contests and offer rewards that will encourage employees to do better and be happier at work
  • The pros and cons of gamification


Table of content

Backed by decades of extensive research in the fields of human resources, employee psychology and workplace performance, it’s a must-read guide for managers and executives in any industry and regardless of team size.

Section 1: Staggering numbers Get the latest cold-hard facts of how disengagement is impacting companies worldwide and how managers are using incentive programs to motivate employees.

Section 2: Productivity Discover the productivity equation: it takes more ingredients than you think!

Section 3: Motivation Learn about the two main types of human motivation and strategies to fire up your employees in the workplace.

Section 4: Recognition Gain insight into the best ways to show your employees and teams that they’re appreciated.

Section 5: Rewards Unlock the secrets to rewarding employees for achieving goals and adopting the right behaviour/attitude. The inside scoop: it’s not necessarily money!

Section 6: Objectives Leverage your employees’ full potential with objectives that go beyond “just” end-of-the-month or end-of-the-year numbers. Never underestimate power of soft KPIs for organizational performance.

Section 7: Contests Drive better results by implementing employee contests and incentive programs that tap into what really makes your teams tick. Get ready for some easy-to-implement best practices.

Section 8: Gamification Avoid the pitfalls of using games, which do little to improve employee motivation long term and even less to increase productivity. Learn how to set up an effective, results-driven gamification strategy.


Author’s Bio.

Daniel Lafreniere is co-founder and Chief Experience Officer at Greatify. With decades of experience in user research, he is a firm believer in technology being at the service of how humans work, think and behave—not the other way around.