Scores – Create

To create a score:

  1. Select Scores from the Parameters menu.
  2. Clic on the Add a score button.
  3. Complete the required information.
  4. The lower bound can be of negative value.
  5. Select how the score is qualified:
    • High: the higher the score, the better it is.
    • Low: the lower the score, the better it is.
    • Based on a rank: the rank obtained during the scores import qualifies the score. For example, the 1st place is better than the 2nd place.
  6. Check Show score independently to display the score on participants desktop. Please note that a score will be displayed on a participant’s desktop only if a score value has been downloaded for this specific participant.
  7. Check Change color according to score value to do so. Otherwise, the score will be displayed in blue.