Press release – Teams need to change routine


Greatify changes the daily routine of customer relations teams

Québec, May 27, 2015 – As a newcomer in the market, Greatify plans to revolutionize the way customer relations teams work, with an innovative, refreshing idea: transform everyday work into contests, games and challenges. Launched one year ago, Greatify is now part of the daily routine of thousands of agents working for major clients such as Desjardins, Telus and Promutuel.

Solve a real problem

The idea behind Greatify is simple: take business goals, transform them into concrete action for customer service and sales agents, create mobilizing contests to follow the progress of teams from hour to hour, and reward success.

Greatify eliminates all surveillance and pressure related to performance, operating instead on premises of involvement and job satisfaction.

Some 57% of call centre employees show signs of significant or very significant distress, which is three times higher than the average recorded in Quebec*. One of the causes of this problem is the impression of being under constant surveillance. Greatify is like a balm for workers in this sector.

Simple, easy and effective

Greatify, sold as a membership, is completely independent from the systems used by clients, making it very simple and inexpensive to implement.

The modern, intuitive interface allows team managers to quickly enter their goals and actions required to achieve them. Greatify then suggests the best possible contests to achieve the goals identified. Agents, on the other hand, need only click a button to indicate that they have completed an action.

Thanks to the different coloured dashboards, managers can follow progress made by their teams in real time, pinpoint employees who need coaching and acknowledge good moves when they happen.

When a contest has ended and a winner is identified, the manager is informed automatically and can reward the winning employee.

To strengthen team spirit and feelings of belonging, Greatify offers social functions such as messaging, a heart button to “like” news and the possibility of highlighting birthdays and the hiring of colleagues.

A well thought-through solution

Greatify originated from a desire to improve life at work. The original idea of company founders, Thierry Poitras and Daniel Lafrenière, included the concepts of lifestyle habits, exercise and nutrition applied to professional life. While discussing their product with potential customers, they discovered an entirely different problem.

Backed by in-depth research at call centres, meetings with sales and customer service managers of major insurance, telecommunications and retail sales companies, and discussions with university researchers, Thierry and Daniel developed the Greatify concept.

Even today, Greatify continues to grow and evolve based on information collected directly in the field, from users.

About us

Greatify was founded and developed entirely in Quebec by two experienced entrepreneurs, Thierry Poitras and Daniel Lafrenière. Greatify has gained the trust of major corporations such as Desjardins, Telus and Promutuel. By transforming business goals into concrete tasks, Greatify contributes to increasing the pleasure and productivity of customer relations teams everywhere, anytime.


Daniel Lafrenière

* According to a survey conducted by two professors at UQAM’s School of management science in three major call centres.

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Daniel Lafrenière