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Promesse > 4 Promesses

App screen

Promise #1

It’s (almost) free

Greatify pays for itself. Licensing costs will rapidly be recouped through the savings it allows you to make:

  • Time saved – no more tedious contest management
  • Increased employee mobilization
  • Increased strength in sales and customer service
  • Automated year-end tracking of taxable benefits

Attractive, isn’t it? We take care of everything. You’ll be in full control of your schedule and that will save you a lot of money. Not satisfied? We’ll terminate your agreement at no cost.

App screen 2

Promise #2

You’ll never be disappointed

Greatify is an intelligent, fun and handy tool. Your employees will love it. Some of them will be addicted to it. One of them is not on board with it? We’ll refund you accordingly. But trust us: that won’t happen.

App screen 3

Promise #3

We adapt to you, we adapt to everything!

Your contest is so ground-breaking it is not supported by our platform? Good! Greatify loves ground-breaking projects. Tell us about your idea, and our creativity will take care of the rest. Not convinced? We’ll terminate your agreement at no cost.

App screen 2

Promise #4

We’re always there for you

Greatify is a worry-free platform, day-in, day-out. You can count on our support. 99.9% of the time. That our availability promise. Victim of an outage? We will compensate you.