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What keeps you up at night?

We bet you’re often worried about your team’s performance, productivity and face time with customers, right? So let’s make an educated guess. You organize or are considering organizing contests to boost your employees’ motivation and productivity—as well as help them to achieve their goals. You spend hours putting these contests together, manually managing them and crossing your fingers that they work. Each week, the thought of trying to come up with a contest that employees actually enjoy makes you nauseous. You may even frantically google everything under the sun about employee incentive programs, gamification in the workplace, employee engagement, and on and on.

And at the end of each day, you go home exhausted asking yourself: Who has the time for all this? Say hello to Greatify.

Contest management made easy. And made to work.

Greatify is an easy-to-use and proven solution that helps you to plan, organize, hold, and monitor all of your employee contests. It not only gives you great ideas on what types of contests to hold but it also completely automates the process for you. What’s more, it provides tangible, real-time metrics so that you know how employees are performing for each contest, which in turn enables you to proactively provide feedback or intervene right on the spot—not when the contest is over and it’s too late to do anything about it. With Greatify, business targets turn into something enjoyable for both employees and their managers. Goals are met and everyone is filled with the collective pride of a job well done. You get double the bang for your buck: achieve your cold, hard KPIs and give that often-elusive warm-and-fuzzy-feeling to your entire team!