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Incentive management made easy. And made to work.

Greatify is an easy-to-use and proven solution that allows you to communicate actions to your employees. An action can be adopting or changing behaviours, achieving metrics or improving knowledge. You communicate these actions through Greatify challenges and contests.

Greatify allows you to easily plan, organize, hold, and monitor all of types of employee contests, challenges and surveys to keep your staff motivated and engaged at work.

We not only give you great ideas on what types of successful contests to hold but also help you completely automate the process. No more manually managing contests rules and participation, posters and rewards ever again! Spend more time on what matters–not administrative tasks!

All you have to do is determine your team’s goals, such as improving your company’s customer experience, sales objectives, first-call resolutions rates, etc., for a set period of time. Determine what specific actions you want your employees to take to achieve these goals and what type of contest you’d like to hold. Voila! You can literally build a contest in minutes.

With Greatify, business targets turn into something enjoyable for both employees and their managers. Goals are met and everyone is filled with the collective pride of a job well done.