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A Real Treat

Here’s how Greatify can help you save time while improving your team’s motivation and performance.

No IT needed

Greatify can be deployed in a snap. No IT. No custom development. No month-long deployment. What’s more, you can on-board hundreds of employees within a very short timeframe. The learning curve? 2 minutes tops.

7 types of incentives

Greatify takes the guesswork out of building employee contests! Our solution provides 7 types of contest canvases that you can instantly create for any type of individual or group incentive.

Achieve metrics and encourage the right behaviour

Greatify provides an easy means to set and measure both metrics and behaviours for your employees.

Rewards and badges

With Greatify, you can reward employees for achieving goals and appropriate behaviour with either tangible prizes or badges. Both managers and colleagues can cheer on/congratulate employees as they achieve different milestones.

Deeper engagement

Each time your employees complete a task, they enter it in Greatify. We believe that by enabling employees to consistently declare them one by one, they will be more engaged in achieving company goals. You can also can monitor entries to ensure honest accountability.

Third-party integration and Excel data import

Although Greatify can be used stand alone, we can nevertheless seamlessly connect to your third-party systems, using an API, and import data from Excel.

Instant flash questions to improve employee knowledge

You can quiz and survey your employees to evaluate their understanding of topics related to their day-to-day tasks. It’s an easy way to keep them up-to-date on product information, business issues and procedures.

Real-time dashboards and reports

Greatify provides real-time metrics so that you know how employees are performing for each contest, which in turn enables you to provide immediate, proactive coaching. What’s more: you can generate taxable benefits reports in minutes.

Add a jolt of fun to your atmosphere with Gr8TV

Connect Greatify to a widescreen TV so that your entire team can view contests, performance levels, messages and more! Gr8TV is a complement to Greatify to add a fun atmosphere to your work environment.