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The Founders

Thierry Poitras

Thierry Poitras

Founder and President

Thierry has been working with digital initiatives since the arrival of the first Web browsers. His vast experience has led him to explore almost all facets of an Internet project, leading ultimately to the role of coach and advisor to major corporations involved in digital projects, from Radio-Canada and Volkswagen to Crocs and Quebec’s tourism bureau.

For ten years, Thierry’s entrepreneurial side has taken precedence over his consulting practice. In the past decade, he co-founded three digital marketing agencies. Parallel to this, he has also been involved in two businesses that sell digital products: one that markets an analytical Web tool sold to major government agencies and another that operates a clone of Yelp.

Greatify is his most recent innovation. The almost instant success of the product is based on Thierry’s willingness to work closely with his customers to offer them a solution perfectly adapted to their reality. Today, he is convinced that he can develop a unique, pertinent product sure to garner success worldwide.


Daniel Lafrenière

Founder and VP Research and Design

As a pioneer of UX (user experience) for more than 25 years, Daniel has counselled many large organizations, including Telus, Desjardins, Videotron, Rio Tinto Alcan, Taleo, Ticket Master and VIA Rail. Prior to founding Greatify, he contributed to the dissemination and understanding of Web user experience through 4 books published on the subject, numerous conferences in Canada, the United States and Europe, and the development and establishment of many university-level courses.

Daniel has received many awards and recognitions for his achievements in the online world. Moreover, he was named honorary president of the customer experience day organized by the Journal Les Affaires in 2014.

As the architect of the Greatify solution, Daniel continues to develop new concepts, games and features on a daily basis in order to improve the quality of life of customer relations teams.

Daniel Lafrenière