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Customer service teams

If your staff don’t have a good employee experience at work, how are they suppose to offer a good customer experience?

With Greatify, 60 to 90% of your employees will be more motivated and productive within 6 months of use.

A recent survey conducted with our customers with users that had used Greatify for over 6 months revealed that more than 85% found that Greatify significantly increased their motivation, productivity and overall team spirit.

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Sales teams & Telesales

You’ve got major sales targets to hit each day, each week, each month. Your team works hard to get its numbers in, but you feel as though everyone could use a motivation boost to get the job done. Greatify helps to kickstart your sales team’s’ performance!

With Greatify, you can increase your current annual sales by double digit percentages.

One of the largest insurance companies in Canada uses Greatify to optimize their sales performance. To measure the impact, one team used Greatify and the other did not for 3 months. At the end of the period, the team that used Greatify increased their sales by 31%.

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Greatify is gamification for real business.

Other teams

You’re not in sales or customer service? No worries! Whether you manage a contact center, technical support staff or administrative teams, Greatify can help you improve employee engagement.

Greatify can be deployed in a variety of different sectors, too, such as telecom, financial services, insurance, power and utilities, retail, travel and tourism, health and safety, and so much more. In many cases, Greatify is used to mitigate employee absenteeism and turnover.

Case in point: one of our customers observed an 8% increase in employee engagement and zero employee turnover after only 9 months. Two former employees even came back because of the improved work atmosphere and team cohesion!

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