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Do you love your job, but wished there was a bit more humanity in the workplace?

Do you wake up each morning finding it hard to go into work because you unsure of what you have to do and whether or not what you’re doing is actually right?

Are you secretly hoping for a pat on the back—even just a small token of appreciation?

We understand.

Greatify is making workplaces more humane, through contests, challenges and surveys, so that employees (like you!) can better understand your objectives for each day–all while enabling you to check your progress and gain recognition from your supervisor and peers.

Goals and games

Finally! Clear goals!

Wouldn’t it be grand to get into work each morning and know exactly what you need to achieve by the end of the day? When your company uses Greatify, your immediate supervisor organizes contests and specifies clear objectives that each team member must achieve on any given day or week.

Monitor your progress

Once you start using Greatify, you get to track how well you are performing in real time and based on the goals your supervisor has given you. Depending on the contest you are participating in, you can even see how you measure up with the rest of your team.

Win prizes and badges

Forget the stick and the carrot. That might have worked during the eras of, say, slave labour, but not in the 21st century workplace. Based on the latest research in employee motivation and human resources, Greatify enables your supervisor to create contests—and actually win awards you’ll love.

Get social—and kudos from your boss and peers

A little “Congrats!” and “You’re the best!” goes a long way, doesn’t it? With Greatify, you’ll never feel under-appreciated ever again. As you progress and achieve your goals, your boss and colleagues are immediately notified, so that they can give you a special shout-out. Workplace war zone be gone!

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Don’t worry! Greatify isn’t some corny game.

It’s a fun, yet serious, tool you can use to feel better about what you accomplish at work every day. It also gives your boss valuable information so that she or he can provide constructive feedback, congratulate you and motivate you on a consistent basis.

After all, robots don’t need high-fives, but humans (again, like you) do!