» Our own employee incentive revolution


Our own employee incentive revolution

We’re starting our own little employee incentive revolution.

Traditionally, call centers have had the stigma of being Orwellian-like, with employees drudgingly performing their tasks, with little visibility in how well they were performing and even less feedback and pats on the back. Even more discouraging, according to research by the Shepell-fgi Research Group:

  • 10% of call center employees miss work every single day
  • 34% of them call in sick because they don’t feel appreciated

Other studies abound about call center employee absenteeism and turnover, which costs companies hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

To be fair, many call center managers hold contests on a monthly or weekly basis. The problem here: the contests are managed manually, which saps up managers’ time—up to 25%! And because they are under the gun to actually achieve their business goals, they have no time to get creative and think of contests that can truly engage their employees.

As we continued to dig into this problem, we also noticed that the market was amuck with products and approaches that scream gamification. Here, the issue is twofold. For starters, business is not a game. While the principles of gamification can definitely be used to boost employees’ performance and moral, contact center managers cannot have their employees waste time on playing games. And even more depressing, we found that some contests and incentive programs did not fit employees’ personas. Not to sound stereotypical, but if most of your employees are women, just how engaged will they be with contests around an NFL football theme?

We decided that managers and employees needed an automated solution that helped motivate teams, on daily basis, to achieve their goals—all while fostering team spirit, giving constructive feedback, appreciating employees’ hard work and, yes, having a bit of fun.

We also decided that this solution would be based on the latest research and best practices backed-by-science in employee engagement and motivation, workplace performance, leadership, team dynamics, human resources, and human psychology and behavior.

And we took it a step further. This solution wasn’t to be strictly developed for call centers. It could be easily integrated and used within all types of teams, companies and industries. From helping sales teams hit their targets to encouraging field technicians to comply with technical or customer service checklists, our solution would cater to a variety of applications.

If you are looking to save time and streamline the way you hold employee contests and incentive programs—and achieve a concrete ROI you have never experienced before, Greatify is just what you need. Sit back and let us work our magic.

Welcome to Greatify.