» Setting and measuring objectives and behaviors


Setting and measuring objectives and behaviors

Greatify gives you the best of both worlds by enabling you to reward your employees if they achieve your company’s hard KPIs (think numbers-driven business, sales or financial goals) as well as its soft KPIs (desired behaviour, attitudes and actions). Naturally, for top- and bottom-line results, hard KPIs pave the way to true corporate success.

However, never underestimate the power of soft KPIs to incite behaviours that are either mandatory or strongly encouraged, such as upselling a product or signing on a client before the renewal date is up. Is your business tied to very critical compliance regulations? Greatify can provide the framework your employees need to adhere to strict procedures that, if not followed, can have serious health and financial impact on your business.

Soft KPIs can also improve workplace dynamics and climate, foster team spirit, and help your employees evolve on a more personal level.

Get your employees really involved in your contests

Unlike other, highly impersonal products, which basically pump in performance data from third-party systems, Greatify actually gets employees involved in the contest process. That’s right. With Greatify, employees actually have to declare the actions they have performed in order to participate in and win a contest.

We already hear you:

Whaaa—? No, you can’t seriously mean that employees actually enter their own actions? Won’t that encourage cheating? A contest apocalypse is the inevitable outcome!

Rest easy. Greatify actually did this for a few reasons. For one, would you rather your employees be passive or active about highlighting their performance? Because employees have to consistently use Greatify in order to win a prize or badge, they are more incited to enter to declare their actions. It’s the first step towards employee engagement. Shazam! Of course, Greatify can connect to your in-house systems (warning: IT may be required), but it is not the only way that performance data can be entered. What’s more, Greatify actually helps to prevent cheating. Why? With Greatify, you can:

  • Add control mechanisms, such as confirmation, quote, client or contract numbers, that employees have to add when they declare an action
  • View each action performed by each participant within a contest incentive
  • Validate data before announcing contest winners (in the case of draws and records)

Greatify is somewhat like Wikipedia: users auto-regulate themselves, which means, as an employee, you’d be hard-pressed to consistently cheat without one of your peers calling you out on it.

Surveys with our clients have shown that the data that is entered by employees represents about 90% of reality. And for that other 10%? What’s the major harm? Greatify is a contest management platform for prizes and badges—not based on salary, bonuses or commissions.

And let’s face it, employees can easily cheat on one of your manually managed contests, right? It’s time to shift your focus away from the what’s, but’s and if’s—and get started on your employees’ motivation TODAY!