» Prizes and badges as rewards for employees


Prizes and badges as rewards for employees

Show ‘em some tender loving care

Gallup, a firm that has conducted research since the 1950’s on workplace productivity, has a nifty formula that pretty much sums up what Greatify is all about:

Productivity = Talent x (Relationships + Right Expectations + Recognition/Rewards)

So how does Greatify apply this formula to create a bit of workplace magic? By building your contests in Greatify, with either hard or soft KPIs, you can reward employees with either tangible prizes or symbolic badges or ranks.

If you opt to give out real prizes, Greatify will not only help to really increase employee motivation but also help you cut your incentive program costs. Here’s why. Studies show that:

  • Money, as a prize, is not the be all and end all. There is little correlation between money and employee engagement when it comes to trying to boost performance levels.
  • Offering smaller prizes, more often, ensures longer-term employee motivation than just one big kahuna of a prize. Even small prizes, like chocolate or a Friday pizza can do the trick.
  • Giving out different types of prizes, like time (extra day off, free hours to get their cars fixed, etc.) and experiences (movie tickets, weekend getaways) are much more appreciated than cold hard cash.

With Greatify’s flexible incentive program solution, you can create any type of contest and offer any type of reward that will really ring true with employees.

Encourage group hugs

Greatify helps to break down the barriers between management and team members. As employees achieve different milestones and accomplish goals, both managers and peers can encourage them along the way. As a manager, you can give your staff instant feedback that they’re doing the right thing or help them get back on track.

According to Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine in their work The Power of Thanks, appreciation, giving thanks and social recognition are powerful ways to build long-term employee engagement. With Greatify, you can also celebrate, as a team, birthdays, work anniversaries and more. Greatify lets you create the appreciation Shangri-La your employees crave.