» No IT or custom development = instant deployment


No IT or custom development = instant deployment

The following may not be suitable for IT departments. Viewer discretion is advised.

OK, OK. We love the guys and gals in IT. But sometimes, as a manager in another department, you need solutions that can solve your day-to-day problems—STAT! With Greatify, no IT is required. You can literally be up and running with Greatify in just a few minutes.

  • No PhD in computer programming required
  • No costly analysis and time-sucking development meetings that just never end
  • No custom development
  • No battles with your IT team that says it can build something better in-house
  • No beefy training or phone-book-thick user’s guides to sift through

Greatify was developed so that managers can quickly create contests in just a few click. Thanks to its uber-intuitive user interface, employees can start participating in contests in almost a blink of an eye. And Greatify can be deployed to thousands of employees, in different locations, faster than you can say “bye bye IT.” Greatify is your secret weapon to set up and automate your contest management—autonomously!
It’s OK, really! It’s our little secret.