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Inside Sales Representative

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What is Greatify?

Most companies have a hard time getting their employees motivated and happy. Disengagement, negative influences and worse, turnover, are all very common and affect the bottom line in a hard way.

On their side, employees crave clear, attainable goals, a sense of progress regarding these goals and, most importantly, recognition from peers and managers.

Greatify helps managers and employees to come together and create outstanding and empowering work environments.

Why we do this?

We built Greatify because we believe that disengagement is the number one cause of every single company issue that arises. We want to help each employee and each manager focus on their workplace humanity and eliminate disengagement in the workplace so that together, they can create successful, viable businesses.

By 2026, 5M employees and managers will feel more engaged at work because of the work we (you!) do. Care to join us on the adventure?

Inside sales representative role

Accompany clients throughout their journey with us, from the early prospect stage to full-power, happy and long-term users.


  • Source new sales opportunities through inbound lead follow-up and outbound initiatives
  • Route qualified opportunities to the appropriate sales executives for further development and closings
  • Understand customer needs and requirements
  • Answer customers’ questions, handle complaints and manage relationships
  • Create and maintain strong relationships with customers
  • Provide immediate assistance by phone, chat or email
  • Perform effective online demos to prospects
  • Provide feedback to product and engineering about common customer issues or concerns
  • Help build documentation to streamline the customer service process
  • Handle payment plans
  • Be willing to answer urgent phone calls off-hours


  • Passionate and respectful. We don’t have time for egos or drama in our team. It’s important that you’re respectful and open. However, creative conflict is encouraged.
  • A doer: someone who really likes to get stuff done and doesn’t mind getting his/her hands dirty
  • Strong listening, communications and presentation skills
  • Easy to speak and empathetic
  • Well-spoken and impeccable writing skills (idéalement, la même chose en français).
  • Outgoing, high-energy personality
  • Ability to adapt, create and customize sales materials and presentations for clients. Familiarity with online presentations (Webex or other)
  • Able to work with sales software / CRM

Our promises (because we walk the talk, you know)

  • We will provide clear expectations and reasons for them.
  • We will make sure you feel appreciated and recognized.
  • We will provide you multiple opportunities for you to learn and grow.
  • We won’t micro-manage you. We believe in empowering our people so that they are able to make a significant contribution for the people they work with, be it clients, prospects or colleagues.
  • We actually value your opinion. Egos can be left at the front entrance. No matter how big or small your idea is, if it can make a difference, we want to hear it!

Great work deserves great perks

  • Play an integral role in a funded startup with amazing ambitions and a vision to truly make a dent in this world.
  • Flexible schedules: Just do what needs to be done. The rest will follow.
  • Hello competitive benefits and salary!
  • Let’s go big or go home–all while having fun doing it!
  • We’ll give you the tools you need to get the job done right.

Apply now by sending your resume to apply@greatify.co.

Des descriptions de postes en anglais? C’est quoi l’affaire?

Nous sommes principalement des francophones basés au Québec — et fiers de l’être. Mais notre marché est polyglotte: français, anglais, espagnol. Alors l’anglais, c’est un requis chez nous pour la plupart des postes.