Updates – February 27, 2017

Greatify was updated. Here are the main enhancements:

  • You can now create training capsules to make a reminder of knowledge, transmit new ways of doing things or communicate tips (sales, customer service or other). If you wish, you can also add an evaluation questionnaire. Of course, you can award points when a participant has good answers (see Greatify actions for this).
  • You can also create surveys to ask for a vote on the employee of the week (it is done in a few clicks) or to survey teams on various subjects. You can also give points when a participant completes a survey (see Greatify actions for this purpose).

Please note that these new features are exclusive to the “Greatest” package.

There are other changes:

  • The Export…. button (displayed in the Actions list) has been removed. You can do the same thing (and more) by using the Performance (custom report) item in the Reporting menu.
  • For performance considerations, we limited the period to the last 7 days in the different dashboards. To have access to longer periods, please use the Performance (custom report) item in the Reporting menu.