Start – Configuration


Are you ready to surpass your sales goals thanks to a highly motivated team? The first step to achieve this is to configure Greatify.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Sign in as an administrator
  2. Create one or several groups to identify and bring together Greatify users. Your group structures can resemble your organizational chart—or not. Greatify enables you to organize your teams as you see fit.
  3. Create people, or, in other words, Greatify users. Assign them to a group. Once this step is complete, invite people to sign up for Greatify. All they have to do is create a password.
  4. Create actions to be used as your company’s incentives. These actions can be business-oriented (e.g.: getting an appointment with a client or upselling another product) or behavioural (e.g.: saying “Thank you for your business” at the end of a call). You can then assign your actions to one or many groups.
  5. Finally, create incentives (direct, race, record, collective, draw or levels) to motivate and mobilize your troops. Don’t hesitate to vary the type of incentive during a day, week or month.

Only a system administrator can create or modify an action.