Scores – Introduction

Scores allow you to connect Greatify to any kind of performance indicator (that you have in your systems) you want your agents to focus on. Scores can be displayed on participants desktop and even being used in an incentive. NPS (Net Promoter Score), average call duration time are some of the many scores examples. Speaking of NPS, you can even create a score for each moment of truth : Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), First Moment of Truth (FMOT), Second Moment of Truth (SMOT), etc.

How to start

1. Create a score

  1. In the Parameters menu, select Scores.
  2. Click on Add a score button.
  3. Enter a name (for example: NPS – First contact).
  4. Enter its lower and higher bound values.
  5. Select how the score is qualified:
    • High: the higher the score, the better it is.
    • Low: the lower the score, the better it is.
    • Based on a rank: the rank obtained during the scores import qualifies the score. For example, the 1st place is better than the 2nd place.
  6. If you want change the color based on the score value, check the appropriate checkbox and enter the colors and values.
  7. Save it.
  8. Please note its ID displayed in the first column of the Scores list. That’s the ID you’ll have to include in the import file.

2. Prepare and import data

  1. In the Parameters menu, select Scores.
  2. Click on the Import… button of the score you want to import (for example: NPS – First contact).
  3. Use the attached Excel template.
  4. Make sure your data starts on the second line.
  5. Do not change the order of columns.
  6. Make sure that all the columns are in text format. Do not use Date nor Number format in the Excel file.
  7. Save your import file.
  8. Follow the instructions.

3. Create a Score incentive

  1. Add a new incentive.
  2. Choose the Score type.
  3. Complete the incentive form.
  4. Select the score you just created in the Score drop-down list.
  5. Enter the number of participants who will win the prize at the end of the incentive. You’ll be able to change that number before announcing the winners.

At the end date of the Score incentive, the manager in charge of data validation and winners announcement will have a new task in his/her To do tab to do so. If required, he/she will be able to change the number of winners and remove some participants from the potential winners list.