Reporting – Performance by participant


This dashboard presents the performance levels, for a given period of time, of each participant of a selected group. The performance of each assigned action will be displayed (based on the number of actions performed and the goals defined when you first created each action).

To access this dashboard:

In the Reporting menu, select Performance by participant.

Display the actions details of a participant

To display the action details of a specific participant, click on the progression bar. To hide the details, click again on the progression bard.

Change the period

Choose the period from the Period drop-down menu or enter the start and end dates.


To filter by alphabetical order of the first name, click on Name header in the list that displays members of the group. Each click on the Name header will change the order of the list. To filter by performance, click on the Performance header in the list that displays members of the group.

Find an participant or filter by name

To find an participant or filter by name, enter the appropriate information in the filter field. To display all participants, erase the information in the filter field.

Each segment represents, by action, the number of times it was performed during a specific period and based on the expected performance goal.

For example:

  • The Sales call, which has a performance goal of 20x per day
  • The Sales quote, which has a performance goal of 10x per day

If a participant achieved 5 Sales call, this represents 25% (5/20) of the goal. If this same participant achieved 3 Sales quotes, this represents 30% (3/10) of the goal.

The percentage that is displayed at the end of the line is the sum of the percentages of each action. Using the above example, the percentage would be 55% (25+30).

You can also view a clock in the progression bard. This indicates the percentage required at a given time, based on when a participant came to work. This KPI will enable you to quickly see which participants are meeting (or not) their goals.

If you do not see the action total, this means it is excluded.

This information is nevertheless accounted for and displayed when you view the details of a participant (by clicking on the coloured progression bar).