Person – Introduction

A Greatify user can take on 1 of the 3 following roles:

  • System administrator
  • Manager
  • Participant


The system administrator has access to all features; however, he or she cannot participate in incentives.

The manager can create groups, people, and incentives for his or her group and sub-groups. A manager cannot create actions or participate in incentives.

The participant can declare actions for a specific incentive.

All users have access to an Inbox in order to receive messages regarding:

  • The start of a new incentive
  • The winner of an incentive
  • Birthdays
  • Hiring date anniversaries
  • Announcements from managers
  • Videos
  • Manual draws that must be held (for the manager in charge of holding the draw)
  • Messages from the Greatify team (new features, updates, bug fixes, etc.)


View the Messages section for more details.