Incentive – Create


To create an incentive:

  1. Click on the Incentives menu.
  2. Click on the Add an incentive button.
  3. Select its type (direct, race, draw, etc.).
  4. Enter the award: a Badge or Prize. Depending on the type of incentive, the Badge option may not be available.
  5. Choose the goal: Points or Number of actions. Depending on the type of incentive, the Number of actions option may not be available.
  6. Click on the Create incentive button.
  7. Enter the incentive’s name.
  8. Add the start and end dates.
  9. For Prizes, choose a high-quality image as it will appear in the background of the incentive’s card, which will be displayed on participants’ desktops. Enter the names of the prizes and their value. Specify who will be responsible for attributing the prizes. This person could be the immediate supervisor of the winner or any other company manager.
  10. For Badges, click on the Choose badge button. Select a badge from the list.
  11. With a goal that requires Points, specify the actions that are involved with the incentive. Each action must be attributed a certain number of points to achieve. For example, Sales call may be worth 10 points and Sales quote may be worth 20 points, etc. In some cases, you can specify and distinguish the number of points full-time and part-time employees must achieve.
  12. For goals with a specific Number of actions, enter what actions are required for the incentive as well as the number of times the actions must be performed to be attributed an award. If needed, add the frequency as well as the duration (for example, each week for the next 4 weeks).
  13. Associate participants that are eligible for the incentive by selecting one or several groups. Note the message (in blue background) indicating the number of participants who will see the incentive, based on the chosen actions, rules and groups.

It is possible to verify actions before announcing the winner(s) of a draw or record. To do this:

  1. In the Announcement of winners will be section, choose manual by.
  2. Select the appropriate manager’s name.


If an incentive is currently active, it will be appear in the list of active incentives. If not, it will appear in the list of upcoming incentives. An incentive that has ended will be in the list of past incentives.