Flash question – Create


A flash question enables a manager to survey or evaluate employees’ knowledge, one question at a time.

To create a flash question:

  1. In the Settings menu, select Flash question.
  2. Click on the Add a question button.
  3. Choose the type:
    • Open: Employees can answer with free text. Ideal for collecting ideas or comments.
    • Multiple choice: Employees must choose among a list of answers.
    • Multiple choice (validated): Employees must choose among a list of answers. There is a right one among these questions.
  4. Enter your question.
  5. Select the correct answer (if required). You can only choose one correct answer.
  6. Enter an explanatory text that will accompany the answer (if required).
  7. Select the group(s) that will see the flash question.
  8. Indicate the date and hour at which you want to post your flash question.

All flash questions that have not yet been posted will appear in the Upcoming list.

Warning! You cannot delete a published flash question.