Category – Introduction


Categories allow you to label actions and incentives in order to facilitate the analysis of your team’s results.

For example, by labelling actions under a “Sales” category, you can compile all actions that are related to sales. Categories also apply to incentives, which means that you can compile all incentives related to sales. A reporting tool that includes categories will be available in an upcoming version.

What changes for administrators:

  • You are responsible for keeping a list of categories up-to-date. This list will be available for labelling actions and incentives. To simplify your category management, we recommend that you develop a list of most often-used categories. You can change this list at any time.
  • When a manager creates an action, you must validate the categories in order to ensure coherence in your reports. A task will automatically be assigned to you under the To Do tab. 

What changes for managers:

  • You must choose one or several categories when you create an action (if you have permission, this capability is given out by Greatify administrators).
  • You must choose one or several categories when you create an incentive. You can now filter your list of incentives depending on the category (for example, the list of all incentives in the “Training” or “Sales” category).

Although using categories is entirely optional, we strongly recommend that you use them. They will help you to easily analyze the results of your team.