Badge – Introduction


Studies show that badges are powerful motivators and employees can place considerable effort in trying to win them.

Great news! Greatify has just added badges to the series of awards you can give out to participants who achieve their goals! A nice way to motivate and recognize employees while lowering your rewards budget.

In employee motivation and engagement, badges play multiple roles:

  • Badges act as creditials system that, when earned, shows an employees’s skills and achievements for the whole world to see. These social markers act as bother triggers and social validation for other colleagues. This means that if an employee earns a certain badge, his or her colleagues will be incited to try to win it as well and feel socially accepted once the bage is won. Think Boy Scout/Girl Guide badges or colored belts in martial arts.
  • Badges are a great means to provide ongoing feedback. Incremental badges allow to reward employees for increasing levels of expertise, knowledge or accomplisments. Badges are therefore potent awards as employees progress towards the ultimate goals you have set for them. Rather than just reward them at the end, you encourage your staff every step of the way!
  • Needless to say, employees need to attain the numbers-driven KPIs you have set out for them, However, to foster teamwork and a healthy work environment, you may opt to use badges that award employees for their soft skills, such as their ability to communicate, encourage colleagues, have a can-do attitude at work. Soft skills are invaluable in the long-tearm performance and viability of your teamand badges help to make it happen!

4 types of badges

Greatify offers 4 types of badges to motivate your teams and show your appreciation:

  • Simple badge is a reward that you give in a Direct incentive. For example, if a participant performs 3 X actions and 2 Y actions, he or she will receive this badge.
  • Levels badge is composed of levels like we see in video games, For examples, a Jedi badge includes different levels, such as PadawanKnight and Master. To use this type of badge, you must use the Levels incentive.
  • Honorary badge is the only award that is not obtained by an incentive. Only a manager can reward a participant or a team with this badge.
  • Rank badge is similar to a Levels badge, except it accompanies the name of a participant to reflect his/her skill or achievement level.

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