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Greatify launches new ebook on employee engagement!

Ebook on employee engagementAre you a middle manager or C-suite executive grappling with how to stop theorizing and start actually implementing pragmatic steps to galvanize your staff and boost your employee engagement?

Then you need to take a look at this.

Greatify just launched a brand-spanking-new ebook, Fire them up: How to stoke your employees’ motivation for better performance.

An ebook that covers top tips for employee engagement and motivation

Written by Daniel Lafrenière, our deeply analytic, yet fun-loving and humane, co-founder and Chief Experience Officer, our ebook dives right into the heart of employee engagement and motivation.

Backed by decades of research in human and workplace psychology, Daniel offers deep insight into the impact employee disengagement is having on corporate performance.

With the latest studies he gives tips on how to increase your team’s motivation and productivity using what everybody (including managers!) want in their jobs: recognition, progress, clear goals and empowerment.

Our ebook also addresses best practices for employee incentive programs and contests. It also gives you tricks on the pros and cons of gamification in the workplace–and how to set up a results-driven gamification strategy.

It’s a quick must-read for anyone, like us, looking to create high-performance and positive work environments where everyone thrives at work. This ebook is just one of several upcoming guides on how together, we can all combat our number one foe: disengagement.

Download the ebook now

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