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Creativity for All – Even Call Centers

This text has been written to prepare for our participation to the Emerging Entrepreuneurs part of the upcoming C2 Montreal.

At Greatify, we believe that creativity and a desire to exceed oneself are a part of each human being. Unfortunately, many work environments completely dampen the spirits and initiatives of employees—individually and as a part of a team. Greatify is a platform that helps to transform the workplace so that employees can surpass themselves, thrive and, yes, create.

Creativity at work, C2 Montréal - Photo by Jimmy Hamelin

The majority of our users work in call centers, which is often a workplace judged as being made up of people who are against creativity and who are incapable of being creative. Admittedly, call centers have this bad reputation. In some companies, employee turnover rate tops 300%. Salaries are mediocre at best. And not to mention the beige cubicles and other references to Orwell’s envisioned universe in 1984.

What’s more, we have all suffered a bad experience with call center employees of our cellular network provider or insurance company. We believe that all of this combined is the perfect, untapped playground to develop a hotbed of creativity—one in which we can have the most impact.

Creativity, ho-hum challenges and leadership

The way in which we founded Greatify is a story that is sure to interest many people. The idea to find creative, innovative and impactful solutions for a less-than-glamourous market need could, indeed, capture the attention of those who are truly interested in making a difference. Addressing seemingly ho-hum challenges could turn the conferences workshops into something truly different—where the creative minds that have come together at C2 could truly let their imaginations and creative, results-driven mindsets go wild.

It’s too easy and less frightening to see the glass half empty and complain about the lack of this, the slowness of that, the “too-hard” challenges here, the insurmountable mountain there. But at the end of the day, each and everyone of us demonstrate our leadership, come together, and share ideas to create a major project that is sure to have an impact the world over. As Seth Godin once said: “When we combine leadership (the leadership of ideas) with organization (the organization of people) we create the fabric of our culture, and our culture determines our future.”

By attending C2, we want to be a part of this act of bravery. We want to inspire people to do more with their brilliant minds. We also want to be incited and motivated to continue to on our path by peers that believe that any idea—no matter how big or small—can change everything. It will be thanks to the leaders and conference speakers we will meet that we learn and find new ways to make a difference in this world.

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