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Social and kudos | Recognition

Let the good times roll

Last time you checked, you didn’t work for a prison. Or with zombie-like drones. Without sounding too much like an over-zealous cheerleader, we do believe that the workplace can be productive, stimulating and fun.

Greatify was developed with you and your peers in mind. We know that appreciation and recognition is important to you. We understand that you prefer working with a great team towards common goals, rather than feel as though you’re on the front lines of a workplace war zone.

When you participate in contests and as you progress to achieve milestones and objectives, your boss and colleagues can be notified so that you can get some much-needed congratulations and encouragements. Birthdays and work anniversaries are never missed—and even celebrated—so that you never feel like a number.

Greatify is, in a nutshell, your supervisor’s magic potion to foster team cohesiveness and work effort. You’ll leave work every day feeling motivated, valued and respected. #Fistpump!