» Win and enjoy prizes and badges from constests


Win and enjoy prizes and badges from constests

Quick wins. Small wins. Big wins. And everything in between.

Greatify doesn’t believe in the stick and the carrot. That might have worked during the eras of, say, slave labour, but not in the 21st century workplace. Based on the latest research in employee motivation and human resources, Greatify enables your supervisor to create contests—and actually win awards you’ll love.

Greatify’s extra cool factor comes from our incentive program solution’s versatility: your manager can create a multitude of different, achievable contests with all sorts of prizes that you’ll actually enjoy, such as cool products, free services, extra time off, and amazing experiences.

Want to be known as a sales samurai? Looking to be called a development diva? Depending on the contest, you can also earn badges, like in video games, or ranks, once you have achieved a specific level or milestone. Recognition for a particular prowess or ability will help you stay motivated for the long run. Stop hiding your unique talents and let them shine—with Greatify!